Adrenal Crisis

Glucocorticoid replacement therapy, available since the 1950s, has prolonged the survival of patients with adrenal insufficiency. However, adrenal crises, which are life-threatening medical emergencies, still develop in many affected patients. Adrenal crisis appears to be increasing in frequency,…

Oral nutrition supplements and between-meal snacks for nutrition therapy in patients with COPD identified as at nutritional risk: a randomised feasibility trial

Introduction Intervention studies have mainly used oral nutritional supplements (ONS) for the management of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) identified as at nutritional risk. In this 12-month randomised feasibility trial, we assessed the (1) feasibility of the recruitment,

Using domiciliary non-invasive ventilator data downloads to inform clinical decision-making to optimise ventilation delivery and patient compliance

Introduction Ventilation parameter data from patients receiving home mechanical ventilation can be collected via secure data cards and modem technology. This can then be reviewed by clinicians and ventilator prescriptions adjusted. Typically available measures include tidal volume (VT), leak, respiratory

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